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What if...? How about...? Maybe we can...?

HB Dynamics can help you get these answers:

  1. What if we want to develop a proprietary product?
  2. How about looking at Varying Coating Technologies to solve our problems?
  3. Maybe we can use new polymers to adhere our product?

With coating Capabilities to 61" width and Coating Thicknesses from .0001" to .006" and beyond, we can provide you:

  1. Solvent Based Technology
  2. Water Based Technology
  3. 100% Solids Technology

Not sure what you have, or in need of product data; Let our Lab assist in providing you technical data for your products end use.

We can slit and Finish product to your specifications to make your Buying Experience complete.

Worried about inventory? let HB Dynamics work with you to control material flow and provide consistent supply.

The answers are a phone call or E-mail away. You can contact HB Dynamics to begin your search for answers! don't settle for off-the-shelf, or catalogue products when you can have HB Dynamics become an extension of your own R & D team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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